Real Estate and Property Related Businesses

Maxim recognises the competitive, complex, and ever-changing nature of the real estate and property industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and understand the fundamental forces that drive both our economy and directly impact on the real estate market. Maxim provides clients with a holistic understanding of the market and the key aspects of a successful business or investment.

Maxim’s experience in the Real Estate and Property Related Business sector include advising;

  • Real Estate Sales Businesses
  • Property Management Businesses
  • Body Corporate Management Businesses
  • Real Estate industry Franchise arrangements
  • Home Loan providers

At Maxim we understand these types of businesses and have experience in:

  • The preparation of KPI reports, reporting against industry benchmarks to ensure best practice approaches
  • Assistance in the due diligence and negotiations for acquisition and disposal
  • Providing advice and guidance on advisory boards
  • Preparation and a thorough understanding of valuation methodologies
  • Performing real estate trust account audits