Professional Services

Maxim has worked with a wide variety of professional service providers, from engineers, lawyers, recruitment agencies and consultants. As a high performing accounting firm we understand, from a practical perspective, what the crucial issues and key drivers are in ensuring your business is able to provide high performance professional services within your industry. With purpose built reports to track these key drivers, we assist our clients by providing them with the time to focus on nurturing their own client relationships and staff. With our systems and standards your firm will be a less chaotic and stressful working environment. This creates greater efficiency and increased profitability.

Areas in which we can help any professional firm in are:

  • Defining optimal charge out rates for employees and consultants
  • Leveraging
  • Managing write offs
  • Reporting and review of staff profitability
  • Review of profitability per partner
  • Tax effective bonus structures for key individuals
  • Work in progress management and conversion to invoices
  • Building KPI reports specifically reporting on key drivers with targets and industry benchmarks 
  • Assistance in the analysis of monthly results and Key Performance targets against industry best practice

Maxim also provide the following additional services to our clients in the service industry;

  • Board appointed audits, as well as regulatory audits 
  • Advice in relation to international investment opportunities  
  • Being appointed as a member of the board