Maxim has a team of dedicated specialists who are able to successfully leverage their industry knowledge and expertise to support your business and help you to maintain and generate increased wealth. Some of the industries Maxim specialises in are; property development and construction, real estate, medical professionals, tourism and hospitality. Maxim’s extensive knowledge in our specialised areas is highly transferable and can be applied to many different businesses and situations.

Property Development and Construction

Maxim are the leading property development and construction specialists for the Canberra region and advise large builders and developers across Canberra and NSW.

Having assembled successful joint ventures to build and own our 2 business premises, we have firsthand understanding of the industry. Our strong relationships with our clients enable us to keep well informed on industry innovations, ensuring that we are constantly evolving, so that we can continue to provide the best practise approach. We pride ourselves on our relationships, and our ability to work as a team to secure our clients future. We can provide expertise and advise on transactions for:


  • Land Development
  • Residential development
  • Commercial and retail; and
  • Property investment


Our property specialist services include:

  • Project feasibility
  • Effective structuring and planning
  • Transaction based tax advice
  • Project Management
  • Company budgeting and capital management
  • Debt or equity raising

Maxim can provide advice in relation to the complex taxation issues specific to the property development industry as well as provide detailed advice in regards to other property industry specific issues such as revenue recognition, cashflow management and effective business structuring, just to name a few. We provide advice to clients on a number of issues including:

  • Corporate tax advisory and support
  • Property GST and stamp duty advice
  • Structuring joint venture projects
  • Taxation implications for trading stock
  • Capital gains tax advice
  • The use of development entities and development agreements within the project structure
  • Implications for using various methods to claim deductions for construction costs as incurred;
  • GST matters such as the application of the margin scheme and GST free supplies of farmland;
  • Fringe benefits tax advice
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) and employment taxes;
  • PAYG company tax obligations
  • Contractor reports

Our service approach draws from a depth of knowledge on property specific taxation matters. We like to provide a solution-based approach to explain complex issues in easy to understand language.

Where we feel that the level of complexity or risk warrants it, we leverage off our extensive network of lawyers to obtain counsel opinion to clarify the position taken. In these circumstances we may prefer to refer the matter directly to the taxing authority (i.e. the ATO) for an opinion (e.g. private ruling).

Maxim recognises the competitive, complex, and ever-changing nature of the real estate and property industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and understand the fundamental forces that drive both our economy and directly impact on the real estate market. Maxim provides clients with a holistic understanding of the market and the key aspects of a successful business or investment.

Maxim’s experience in the Real Estate and Property Related Business sector include advising;

  • Real Estate Sales Businesses
  • Property Management Businesses
  • Body Corporate Management Businesses
  • Real Estate industry Franchise arrangements
  • Home Loan providers

At Maxim we understand these types of businesses and have experience in:

  • The preparation of KPI reports, reporting against industry benchmarks to ensure best practice approaches
  • Assistance in the due diligence and negotiations for acquisition and disposal
  • Providing advice and guidance on advisory boards
  • Preparation and a thorough understanding of valuation methodologies
  • Performing real estate trust account audits

Medical Professionals

Maxim has a long history of servicing the medical profession, which has allowed us to develop specialist expertise in this area. Maxim has developed a unique methodology to analyse the strength and weaknesses of a medical professional’s practice structure and performance. Through this diagnostic process we are able to identify areas requiring improvement and those that will have the greatest impact on your income generation and wealth accumulation.

Through our experience we have gained an extensive knowledge of the key factors that govern the success of a professional practice, such as leveraging, service delivery, scheduling patients, acquiring specialist equipment and managing cashflow.

We offer high quality external advice to medical professionals and provide a wide range of support services including:

  • Effective Structuring and Planning for asset protection and tax management
  • Practice valuations
  • Business analysis and reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Personal budgeting and wealth management
  • Superannuation Advice

Professional Services

Maxim has worked with a wide variety of professional service providers, from engineers, lawyers, recruitment agencies and consultants. As a high performing accounting firm we understand, from a practical perspective, what the crucial issues and key drivers are in ensuring your business is able to provide high performance professional services within your industry. With purpose built reports to track these key drivers, we assist our clients by providing them with the time to focus on nurturing their own client relationships and staff. With our systems and standards your firm will be a less chaotic and stressful working environment. This creates greater efficiency and increased profitability.

Areas in which we can help any professional firm in are:

  • Defining optimal charge out rates for employees and consultants
  • Leveraging
  • Managing write offs
  • Reporting and review of staff profitability
  • Review of profitability per partner
  • Tax effective bonus structures for key individuals
  • Work in progress management and conversion to invoices
  • Building KPI reports specifically reporting on key drivers with targets and industry benchmarks 
  • Assistance in the analysis of monthly results and Key Performance targets against industry best practice

Maxim also provide the following additional services to our clients in the service industry;

  • Board appointed audits, as well as regulatory audits 
  • Advice in relation to international investment opportunities  
  • Being appointed as a member of the board

Not for Profit

Maxim has a broad range of clients, which enables us to keep abreast of innovations and apply them to any client where appropriate, thereby ensuring an evolving and continuing best practice approach. In particular, when advising the unique aspects of Not For Profit organisations and associations Maxim can help with:

  • Cashflow management
  • Budgets
  • Analysis of revenue streams
  • Debtor management
  • Audit and Assurance services
  • Risk and Governance services
  • Activity Based Costing analysis
  • Advice and application of Income tax exemptions where appropriate
  • Fringe Benefits Tax and salary packaging advice
  • GST requirements and registration
  • International tax requirements
  • Preparation of Financial Accounts

Tourism and Hospitality

Maxim recognises that the Tourism and hospitality industries continuously face new challenges. Maxim prefers to view these challenges as opportunities for growth. We work closely with our clients and our team is dedicated to providing specialised services tailored for the hospitality and tourism industry. Maxim invests in researching and developing relationships with industry experts in order to provide key performance indicators to our clients.

We work with our hospitality and tourism clients to provide the following:

  • Design and the preparation of monthly reports against industry KPIs and benchmarks
  • Hotel feasibilities, modelling and reporting
  • Provide independent and commercially sound audit and assurance services
  • Provide expert opinion and advice as a member of governing boards
  • Assistance in budgeting and forecasting
  • Review of management agreements for outsourced hotel operations
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assistance in getting ready for sale
  • Assistance in packaging for sale
  • Advice and assistance in accounting for franchise agreements
  • Due diligence analysis, including reviewing all available financial and managerial information to determine a business’s true level of maintainable earnings.