Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accounting and compliance solutions are Maxim’s core services. Our team has vast experience and knowledge in regulatory and financial reporting, accounts preparation, technical advice and accounting system reviews.

Collaboration and resource management is key. We work with our clients to identify opportunities beyond traditional financial reporting. By providing targeted accounting services and mentoring to your in-house finance staff we encourage clients to be autonomous in their accounting function. We help your business and individuals focus on their priorities.

Maxim can assist in the preparation of Financial Accounts for Reporting and Non-reporting entities of all sizes including:

  • Sole Traders
  • Companies
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Trusts
  • Unit Trusts
  • Self Managed superannuation funds (SMSF)
  • Consolidated Groups

We can help you prepare, review and analyse your accounts on a regular basis or as requested. We can assist you in preparing both general-purpose financial reports (adopting all Australian Accounting Standards) and special purpose financial reports.

At Maxim we recognise that traditional accounting reports may not measure or assess the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your business. By investing in relationships we gain an in depth understanding of your business strategy, its strengths and weaknesses and the key differentiators that will define your success. These KPI’s may be financial and non-financial.

Bookkeeping Services

Maxim has a bookkeeping team that can help you with any short or long-term bookkeeping or financial controller support. We provide a diverse range of services and support to clients including;

  • Day to day MYOB transaction processing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll processing
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting against budgets
  • Key Performance Indicator analysis
  • Mail collection and sorting
  • Debtors collection
  • Payments processing
  • Corporate compliance
  • Bank submissions

Corporate Advisory and Transactions

Maxim is committed to imparting the best specialist advice to our clients through our strategic thinking. Our client service teams are structured to deliver the right support for our clients in all aspects of corporate advisory and transactional advice and services.

Our expertise and integrated service allows us to provide advice on mergers, acquisitions, disposals and raising finance. We also have the skills to provide a wide range of value-added services across all stages of the transaction process.

Maxim’s broad industry knowledge is applied to transactions and advisory services to maximise business value and strategic positioning for sale or purchase. We can also make sure your business strategies target issues that will make your business more valuable.

Our range of services include:

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Acquisition and divestment advice
  • Acting as investigating accountants
  • Benchmarking
  • Business investment ready
  • Business planning
  • Capital raising
  • Corporate strategy
  • Financing advice
  • Forecasting advice
  • Pre-acquisition or disposal analysis
  • Modelling
  • Structuring
  • Valuations
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Transaction execution
  • Post-transaction integration assistance

Outsourced Services

Maxim is not just about the numbers. All Partners are connected at the highest level within key industry networks. Through these strategic partnerships and strong connections with other professional firms Maxim can connect you too. 

Our Strategic Partners include:

APIS – Consulting Services

APIS is a Canberra based professional services firm offering specialised solutions in project management, business process design, procurement, strategic planning and program evaluation. APIS is a firm of practitioners, known for shaping and solving major initiatives, together with their predominantly government clients.

Infinite Networks

Infinite delivers enterprise broadband network and hosting solutions including cloud and virtual solutions, web application and web development, and web hosting, whilst ensuring your business remains accessible online, secure and up-to-date in an ever-changing world of technology.

Other Professionals:

Legal Professionals

Maxim has a wide network of lawyers who are the best in their field. We can connect you to the right lawyer for the job for a range of issues, from drafting shareholder agreements, conveyancing of property, preparation of your will and obtaining advice on complex business issues just to name a few.


Finding the right business and personal contact at a financial institution can be difficult. Maxim has a large network of bankers who work with us to provide optimal service to our clients. We work collaboratively with financiers to ensure our clients have a smart approach to their funding requirements. We can assist you in finding the right financier to provide day-to-day banking advice, start-up capital, funding for individual property purchases and limited recourse loans or superannuation funds.

Other Specialist Service Providers

From time to time your business may come across complex business issues that are not always black and white. To ensure our clients are well informed and have the correct technical advice the assistance of other practitioners may be requested. At Maxim we have connections with some of the best specialist practitioners in Australia who can provide assurance and peace of mind for our clients when complex technical issues arise.

Experienced Bookkeepers

Having correct and up to date financial information is a must for any business. We have a number of highly experienced bookkeepers that can assist you in any short or long term bookkeeping need. These bookkeepers have been hand selected as they work congruently with us to ensure a seamless integration process in your annual accounts and income tax return preparation.

Risk, Governance and Strategic Planning

At Maxim we invest heavily in relationships and investing, developing and testing your business strategies. As a business develops and matures governance and risk management become a priority. Every business needs a governance and risk management strategy. With a strategic approach to governance and risk management companies can seek out opportunities and competitive advantage to add significant value to their organisation. Maxim has exceptional skills to ensure appropriate governance structures are used to develop strategy, alleviate risk and maximise returns.

We have the capabilities to:

  • Identify and assess risks
  • Test, develop and monitor strategies
  • Review the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes
  • Provide assurance for compliance with policies, procedure and regulations
  • Attend and develop advisory or statutory boards for a range of entities from not for profit to public companies.
  • Provide or seek non-executive directors for board purposes.

We also provide advice in areas such as:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Operational Management
  • Performance reporting – dashboard and KPI development and measurement
  • Investment opportunities
  • Return on Investment analysis
  • Establish advisory boards
  • Transitioning and maintaining statutory boards
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Contract Tendering and assessment
  • Project Management

Succession Planning

Succession planning is fundamental for the longevity of your business. We understand that it can take a lifetime to build a business but failing to plan for succession and ultimately for retirement can see business owners throwing away their lifetime and retirement nest egg.

Figures published by the Exit Planning Institute and Family Business Australia both conclude that less than 30% of businesses have thought about and documented succession plans for management, control and ownership. A similar percentage of businesses are also not in a position to ensure maximum disposal value is achieved on sale.

Maxim can help you preserve your personal wealth by ensuring your business has an appropriate succession plan, is sale ready and structured effectively for your desired exit. Maxim recognises this is a complex process that incorporates many different areas and goals such as business, financial and personal. We work closely with our clients throughout the succession planning process. As their strategic partner we maintain the relationship from the initial discussion through to completion of the plan and where necessary, closing the deal. Maxim can provide assistance through a range of succession planning issues from helping to devise an exit strategy to assisting in finding potential buyers through our extensive networks.

A well-structured succession plan for a business considers a wide range of issues such as:

  • Who will be your likely successor - family member or third party?
  • Is your structure effective and flexible for your exit strategy?
  • What is your likely timing for exit?
  • How will your departure affect key stakeholders?
  • Management strategy. Can the business run without you?
  • Do you need a provision for active and non-active family members?
  • What income levels do you need to retire? 

There are many valuable benefits to planning your succession early such as:

  • Flexibility
  • The opportunity to maximise the value of your business
  • Having a plan to work towards
  • Preserving the value of your business

Maxim can assist in:

  • Locating suitable successors including assessing family capability
  • Discussing the possibilities of floating – saleability and investment ready status
  • Setting up required structures
  • Estate planning including direct and indirect tax management
  • Required insurances
  • Preparation of share transfers
  • Assistance and advice on preparation of legal documents


Maxim is proud to provide a holistic approach when servicing clients. We achieve this, in conjunction with other strategies, through analysing the use and benefits of a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) in each client’s wealth creation strategy.

Maxim strongly believes in the benefits of a SMSF and the role it plays within a wealth creation strategy. Self Managed Super Funds have the ability to increase control over invested funds, wider investment choice and flexibility in the payment of retirement benefits. Other benefits include;

  • Asset protection
  • Investing in direct property
  • Investing in business real property such as your business premises
  • Considering the transfer of assets directly into your superannuation fund.
  • Planning tax management on invested income and capital gains
  • Greater flexibility in managing pensions including account based, transition to retirement and allocated pensions

One of Maxim’s key planning considerations in a client’s wealth creation plan is to utilise the tax concessional environment of superannuation funds. With limits on annual contributions, gearing through the use of a limited recourse borrowing arrangement is a strategy available to build wealth in the superannuation environment. This teamed with the ability to invest in a broader range of assets not otherwise possible in traditional superannuation funds and the tax benefits available when in pension phase makes SMSF’s a key tool in long-term wealth creation goals.

Maxim boasts a specialist superannuation team run by Linda Roberts who is a SMSF Association Specialist Advisor. With Linda's expertise in understanding structuring opportunities involving SMSF’s, Maxim can provide you with the following services;

  • Advice and assistance with the establishment of your SMSF, including all required registrations
  • Advice on the responsibilities of the trustee
  • Contribution strategies to maximise annual contributions
  • Advice on transition to retirement
  • Advice on pension planning
  • Advice and cash flow analysis on the use of limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Advice on strategies for tax effective retirement
  • Advice on superannuation estate planning strategies
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and income tax returns
  • Preparation of annual members statements
  • Annual audit of SMSF


Maxim is arguably the most experienced and skilled tax practice in the region. We provide specialised taxation services and advice for individuals, partnerships, joint ventures, trusts, companies and superannuation funds. We help our clients navigate through the intricate and complex taxation legislation and how it applies to the business issues they face. We are your trusted tax advisor working in partnership across all of your tax requirements.

Maxim is known for our extensive corporate taxation experience and providing sound taxation advice in relation to;

  • Complex payroll tax issues surrounding related parties;
  • Complex GST issues especially in relation to the property industry
  • Complex revenue vs capital account on the disposal of real property
  • Complex stamp duty advice
  • Structuring to ensure optimal asset protection and income tax management
  • Complex revenue vs capital gains tax on disposal of property
  • Related party loans and their management
  • Optimal dividend payment strategies
  • Representing clients on complex ATO audits
  • Business structuring advice including acquisitions, mergers and disposals
  • Structuring the division of family law assets to ensure minimal tax paid
  • Superannuation structuring and contribution plans
  • International tax
  • Transfer pricing
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Tax consolidation for wholly owned groups
  • Preparation of income tax ruling requests

In addition to our specialist taxation services listed above, our core taxation services include;

  • Preparation and lodgment of income tax returns
  • Preparation and lodgment of monthly/quarterly/annual business activity statements
  • Preparation and lodgment of fringe benefits tax returns
  • Preparation and lodgment of payroll tax returns
  • Capital gains tax advice and calculations
  • Tax planning and assisting clients to have a clear understanding of their future tax commitments