Allyson Pannier

Tackling the task head on sums up Allyson to a T. She has a passion for helping clients better understand their business and enjoys helping clients achieve both their business and personal financial goals.

Allyson joined the Maxim team in 2001 as a graduate accountant and returned following four years living and working in Japan. Whilst in Japan, Allyson worked in a number of different roles ranging from lecturing at Tokyo's Chuo University to consulting to the Accounting Standards Board of Japan on International Financial Reporting Standards.

Working directly to Mile Petrevski when joining Maxim, Allyson soaked up taxation law understanding, commercial insights and a management style that would be the envy of any business professional. Through her work with various partners and internal and external specialists throughout her career, Allyson has developed a diverse range of skills as well as in-depth commercial and technical knowledge, which is enhanced by her “go get them” attitude.

Allyson loves a challenge, leading the way on many of Maxim's internal focus groups. Here Allyson was able to enhance her understanding of business improvements in professional practice, a skill she has applied to all her clients in varied business industries.

Allyson not only advises to the private sector but has previously worked on a number of public sector opportunities.

Allyson is a prime example of Maxim attracting the best talent and providing them with support and opportunities to help them achieve excellence. Consistently putting her best foot forward to ensure effective and efficient outcomes, Allyson will always deliver beyond expectations.

In her free time, Allyson enjoys baking, eating, reading and spending time with her family.

Allyson is a;

  • Chartered Accountant

Allyson specialises in;

  • Business strategy
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Property Development and Property related industries
  • Business improvement
  • Taxation
  • Professional practice
  • Medical practitioners
  • Government
  • International Financial Reporting (IFRS)