Qualified Accountant Positions

Maxim is always interested in discussing career opportunities with exceptional qualified accountants.

We are looking for accountants with the following characteristics:

  • membership with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, or working towards their membership;
  • experience in or interest in a career in private client services;
  • ability to work in a team based culture;
  • pro-active and self-motivated;
  • performing individuals with proficient organisational and project management skills; and
  • strong presentation and communication skills (both verbal and written).


Maxim - An Advisory Practice

With the advancement of technology such as online accounting software and cloud based systems, the accounting world is changing rapidly. The traditional business model of private client practices has changed and there is a need to embrace the digital automation of the accounting & annual tax compliance processes.

Being an advisory practice means understanding what the client’s goals are and helping to achieve them. It is important we have the right people in the business willing to adapt to keep in touch with the changes in the market to help achieve their desired outcomes.


Client Profile

The type of client that suits the Maxim profile is an active and growing business. The size, experience and skill set of Maxim is designed to help businesses who want to properly structure their affairs for potential growth whilst managing the risks associated with being in business. We like to work with clients who want a proactive relationship, where interaction and communication is constant throughout the year. Staff at Maxim have this mindset and all staff interact with clients at some level to ensure our service is as active as the businesses we represent. In many instances Maxim provide strategic support to businesses with limited resources in their internal finance teams.


Career Development & Mentoring

Maxim provides staff with a career plan to empower them to grow their skill set. We provide opportunities for staff to identify further training requirements and discuss potential career opportunities. We believe that goal setting with your mentor and the partners is a valuable tool in helping develop the careers of our staff. As a practice we place an emphasis on ongoing guidance, training and mentoring programs to support the development of our staff.

Career development at Maxim is an ongoing process where discussions about a person’s goals, progression and development happen throughout the year. Formal staff reviews occur twice a year, however we consider these a checkpoint and encourage staff to interact with the managers and partners on a regular basis so the direction of the business and staff goals are aligned.


Training & Development

To be ahead of the game, Maxim understands the importance of the ongoing development of both technical and professional service skills. Structured training programs are regularly reviewed and updated by the partners and managers to ensure all employees are aware of developments in a broad range of technical and professional advisory skills such as project management and client engagement services.

As Maxim enjoys collective learning, the majority of the training sessions are run internally by Maxim staff. This encourages participation and engagement. Maxim also organises an external expert to present regular tax updates and sessions on specific tax topics.


Embracing Innovation & Technology

Technology is evolving rapidly in the professional services space and Maxim is investing in embracing the digital and online environment through the way it communicates internally and externally and the way we access the accounting information of our clients. Maxim has an Innovation Team whose mandate is to continually identify, assess and implement new technology to ensure our processes and service delivery are as efficient as possible and are moving with the times.



Maxim collates all available market data on salary and seeks to exceed staff expectations. Maxim understands the benefits of a great team, and that to maintain a high performing team culture there needs to be remuneration packages reflective of this performance.

Maxim has tailored bonus schemes for different levels of staff which are designed to recognise and reward client focused and team based behaviour.


Relationships & Client Interaction

As Maxim believes in an advisory and team based approach to client service, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for staff of all levels to interact with clients. We focus on developing these skills in our staff from the very beginning of their career and believe this is a key reason Maxim continually produce exceptional advisors.


Induction Program

The induction program aims to prepare new employees for their future at Maxim by providing them with an understanding of the firm, our core services and the skills they require to begin their journey. The induction program also contains a variety of training modules including knowledge-based, technical and practical sessions. New employees will be introduced to the Maxim team, gain an understanding of Maxim’s core services, consolidate their knowledge of financial statements and structuring, and gain an understanding of our advisory philosophy.

In addition to this, new employees are paired with a mentor to assist them in their Maxim career including guiding them through formal and informal evaluations.


Chartered Accountants Program

We require all our professional staff to become Chartered Accountants. As Chartered Accountants, staff are bound by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) training and development requirements in order to maintain their Chartered Accountant memberships.

Maxim provides candidates with a CA member within the firm to act as their CA mentor and assist during each stage of the Program. We ensure all candidates have the necessary resources available to successfully complete the program.

Maxim will pay the following costs up-front for staff undertaking the CA Program:

  • enrolment fees;
  • reference material which includes Candidate Study Guide, workshops and CA Study Masterclass; and
  • five days paid study leave per module.