The Maxim Story

The Maxim Chartered Accountants story is an industry and business success story at its finest.

The Partners worked together early in their careers, and identified the need in Canberra for a service offering that was not being provided by other firms. Harnessing the expertise and depth of experience of the Big 4, and applying it in a more accessible and cost-effective environment, they decided to establish a mid-tier, service-focussed, Canberra-based firm to meet the needs of the growing private sector.  This model now provides quality services to businesses all over Australia. 

Maxim Chartered Accountants is founded on a strong partnership of respect, teamwork and friendship. Being like-minded, with complementary skills and perspectives is what sets the Maxim Partnership apart from other accounting firms. Each partner excelling at their strengths ensures the business runs smoothly and successfully. Knowing each other's strengths and skills well ensure that any client service needs are met through a combination of advice.

This collaborative approach and industry knowledge is filtered down through the practice to ensure that uncompromised client service and accurate technical advice is delivered. Working with clients as part of their team, they help to ensure that the desired business and personal financial goals of their clients become a reality.

Not just Chartered Accountants, the Partners are also successful business people. With first hand business experience in property development and ownership, professional practices, hospitality and IT they understand the challenges that face businesses and the risks and the rewards of business ownership.

There are five points that differentiate Maxim from other accounting firms.

  1. Networks - Maxim staff are connected and respected at the highest level within key industry networks Australia wide, enabling them to connect you.
  2. Knowledge - In addition to the high level of knowledge and expertise of their employees, Maxim will seek advice from industry experts to provide added assurance for their clients where appropriate.
  3. Experience - With the partners having a commercial background in a number of different industries, Maxim can provide you with personal insights into business success. This is an asset most other accountants would not be able to tap into.
  4. People - Maxim attracts exceptional, highly experienced and motivated individuals at all levels, who are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service.
  5. Relationships - Building relationships can be challenging, maintaining them even more so. The longevity of relationships built by Maxim staff with clients and key industry networks would impress any individual.

This is a formula that cannot be beaten.